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Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist
Alireza Sohrabian
Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist

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Online Marketing for Stores | Techniques to Promote Your Online Store

Online Marketing for Stores | Techniques to Promote Your Online Store

Practical Ways to Increase Online Sales

Since the development of the internet, online stores have gained a certain place in the modern commercial atmosphere. One of the constant concerns of the owners of online stores is to promote their business and increase their sales. To reach that aim is not impossible, however, it needs additional endeavor. A way to get the best results is to use online marketing for stores. Here we are introducing some techniques on how to do online marketing for stores that may be useful to you.

Techniques for Online Marketing for Stores

Marketing is somehow similar to science. If you do certain things, you get certain results. So, if you want to promote your online business, here are some tips to help you:

Increase the Number of Your E-mail Recipients

As an e-commerce business, you can not ignore the provision of email lists. Where many e-commerce businesses can be successful is the number of their loyal email recipients. Getting a new customer is 6 to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. So think about how you can use email marketing to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty to your brand, and plan for your email marketing as soon as possible. Learn how to increase the number of your email recipients concerning the permission and desire of the email recipient, and how to use emails and massages to increase your sales.

Use Free Shipping Option

A study in the United States shows that 88% of people use online stores because of free shipping, and the rest because of the variety of products and other items. Likely, this statistic in Iran will not be less than this. If you have not tried this option yet, it is better to think about it seriously.

If your store benefits from free shipping, even with relatively reasonable terms, make sure to expose it well to the customers so that they can complete their purchase safely. There are several ways to create a cost-effective free shipping service:

  • Free shipping for sale with a certain amount of value: For example, you can say that you will pay a certain amount of shipping cost by buying the goods for a certain amount, but if you order more than the certain price floor, the shipping would be free. Most customers readily accept this
  • Time-sensitive offers: You can say you will have free shipping for a limited time. This will encourage customers to shop. This technique works especially well in times like the holidays when the market is very competitive and every business wants to have the best sales

Support user-generated content on Instagram

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is most likely to reach your audience compared to other parts of the web. One of the best ways to grow your brand and sell on Instagram is user-generated content (UGC). To promote your hashtag, you can include it in your Instagram bio. You can put this hashtag in your Instagram posts and share it with your followers on other social networks. Additionally, you can send this message to your email list. Writing Instagram captions is also very effective in your sales growth.

You can offer discounts or store credits to get more audiences to create user-generated content.

Optimize images for SEO

SEO is absolutely important for e-commerce businesses. More than 20% of all US Internet searches occur on Google Images. So if you do not optimize your images for search, you will lose a great part of the search traffic.

Each time you upload an image of your product to display in your online store, think about how you can optimize it for search. especially:

  • Update the file name: Use words that accurately describe the product. For example, instead of the file name that the cameras automatically select, rename it after your product. The file name helps search engines determine what is in the image and what phrase they should display after the search.
  • Images must have alt text: The alt text attached to the image you upload, helps Google understand the content of the image, thereby adding SEO value to your site. Ensuring that each image includes alt text is one of the best ways to optimize your Google image search.

Offer Suggestions for Group Shopping Sites

Group discount websites are very popular with buyers. These websites are well-known in the field of public discounts, and you can partner with them. Some group shopping sites work in specialized areas.

Attain Confidence with Social Proof

Social proof is a proposition or document that ensures the user that the business is approved by the community and the people. There are several ways to show social approval. For example, many businesses exhibit user opinions about a product. Some show significant statistics of their business, some show the influencers’ opinions to customers, and so on. Sarah E. Patterson, an expert in the field of social proof marketing, defines it this way:

“Social proof is a psychological preference for doing the way others have done before or what others have done. “That means if others have done it, then it is very likely to be something valuable.”

But if we look at it from the e-commerce perspective, we find that inducing the same feeling to the customer in a crowded store is not an easy task.

Don’t Forget to Cross-sell Products

Cross-sell is a kind of art in which suitable opportunities are created for the buyer to buy related products. Cross-selling is extremely popular in e-commerce and an efficient way for online marketing for stores. For example, if you own an online cellphone store, you can suggest different accessories to the customer.

There are also many plugins that may help you with cross-selling and up-selling.

Fight Hard, Earn More

Online stores have been playing an important role in the commerce field for more than a decade and the competition in e-commerce is fierce. Therefore, in order to run a successful online business, one has to learn about online marketing for stores and customer attraction. That’s how you survive in a competitive market.

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